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    'Xin-Mo' is our company's name. The full name is "Guangzhou Xin-Mo Technology Co., Ltd". 'Xinmotek' is our only trademark. We found that someone used our company name as a trademark to take a ride. Please remember the sign of Xinmotek brand, beware of imitations.

    Only XM-02(Dual players game controller) has fakes in the market so far. So we have released the XM-10 instead of it. The XM-10 has better performance and lower price than XM-02. We discontinued XM-02 since May 28, 2018.

    Our only official online store is here. For bulk purchase please email us to get the lowest discount.

    All of our products have been passed FCC SDoC and CE certification.

    All of our products are compatible but not limited to Win10/Win8/Win 7/ Vista/XP/2000/98 & Linux & Android & MAC & Raspberry Pi.

    About the wiring connection, all types of our products are the same. Every push button has two pins, one is must be wired to the GND(Ground), the other one is wired to the signal pin of the board. The following schematic is very important to understand how it works.

    We upgraded all our products from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0. And you can easily see that all of our products are pin-to-MCU directly connected, there is no intermediate components, so the response speed has been perfect. And for this upgrade we added the ‘mode’ PIN to all controllers. This button supports direction control switching between X/Y axes and Digital-pad.

    I received a lot of emails to inquire how to use under the Android platform. I do not reply to these emails anymore because I am not professional enough about it. But I can be sure that it is usable.  This is the result of a test on my own android mobile phone. The results showed no root needed, plug and play. My phone is HUAWEI P20 Pro and it supports OTG.

This is a test video:;

This is playing King of fighter 98 video:

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