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Product Name: Bluetooth Low Energy Single Player Controller

Type ID: XM-12

Release date: 06-30-2018

This model discontinued.


  • Compliance with BLE 4.0 protocol specification;
  • Two AA batteries provide power;
  • No support PS3(PS3 was released in 2006, BLE was released in 2012);
  • No support PS4;
  • Support PC, iPhone, android and Raspberry Pi;
  • Supports Mode button for direction control switching between X/Y axes and Digital-pad;
  • Lead-free process;
  • No soldering required;
  • Kit contains all the wires with harnesses;

    The product can access any host that has a Bluetooth 4.0 module installed, such as notebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Raspberry pi and so on. The pairing process is similar. Here we take win 10 as an example. First, open the builit-in bluetooth switch in the setting menu.


    Next, add a bluetooth device.

    At this time, turn on the battery switch on the device and "Xinmotek Controller" will appear in the broadcast list.

Note: in order to save power, the device will not broadcast all the time and will only broadcast 30 seconds after power-on.

    Click to start the connection process. After successful connection, there will be an game controller icon inside the printers and devices. The pairing process generally does not require a password. But if you need to enter the password, the password is six zero. If the connection fails, it is likely that it has been connected to other devices. Disconnect it and try again. The pairing process will only appear on the first connection.

    It is used like a USB interface controller. Because the product fully complies with the Bluetooth HID over GATT profile specification.

    My iPhone 6s successfully connected. But I didn't find a supported game.


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