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Product Name: Trackball Board

Type ID: XM-07

Retail link: Click here


This product can be separately configuration as 4 different devices. The 4 devices are:

  • Customizable Keyboard and trackball(mouse);
  • Single player game controller with LED;
  • Dual players game controller; (default)
  • Custom HID;

When you configure the device as a keyboard and trackball, you can custom the key value of the keyboard as your wish.

It has the following characteristics:

  • USB 2.0 protocol interface;
  • Faster response;
  • Micro USB type B female connector;
  • More pins;
  • LED has 3 kinds of effects;
  • 8 ways analog input and every way have 12 bits (0---2^12-1) accuracy;
  • Configuration software is open source, means you can continue to develop;​

    The configuration software was written by Python 3. It CAN NOT be compatible with Python 2.  Download from here

    The USB communication section is implemented by PyUSB. How to install the Python and PyUSB library, refer to this:;;

    PyUSB depends on libusb. How to install libusb in windows series platform refer to this:

    How to install libusb in windows.pdf

    About how to install these software in Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi or other system, you can google it. 

    If you install these software successfully, make the device in Programmer mode and next  run If you see this screen means the software communicated successful with the device via USB protocol. If you hope this device as a keyboard+trackball and custom keyboard keys, you need to edit the before run it. Other mode no need edit this file. 

How to enter programming mode?

    Whatever which kind of device mode, keep the 28th pin of P2 connect to GND before power on  the device will enter  the programming mode. The configuration software only can communicate with Programmer mode. 


Single Player Game Controller with LED


    It has 17 buttons and 17 LEDs. Every button can control a LED. The LEDs have 3 different effects: 

  • Always light on;
  • LEDs light on when buttons are pressed;
  • LEDs light off when buttons are pressed;

    The LEDs effect configuration can store in the device when power off. Using UP + Mode to switch LEDs effect.

    When the device power on, all LEDs will blink a few times. This will help to check the wiring of LEDs is correct or not. If you are watching more careful you will find the blinks are Morse code 73, means best regards. Yes, I am a HAM.

    When it works in digital input mode, direction control can switch between X/Y axis and Point of View Hat by mode button. Even power off the device will remember your choice.

LED wiring method:

Please note: USB port provided current is 100mA max. Analog inputs require potentiometers.


Dual Players Games Controller


    It supports 2 players at same time. Player 1 has 20 buttons and player 2 has 18 buttons. Direction control can switch by mode button. 


Customizable Keyboard + Trackball



  • USB 2.0 protocol, the response speed is faster than USB1.1;
  • MicroUSB jack for connecting any standard USB cable;
  • Compatible with win10/win8/win7/vista/XP/2000/98, Linux, PS3, Linux, MAC, Android, Raspberry Pi;
  • Customizable keyboard;
  • Quadrature encoder trackball interface;
  • Supports Right, Middle, Left click;
  • Lead-free process;
  • Passed CE certification;
  • No soldering required;
  • Kit only include PCB and USB cable, wires are provided by the trackball;

What is the quadrature encoder singal?

    A pair of signal include two identical pulse signals, differ in phase by 1/4 cycle. So, X axis has 2 pins, X1 and X2. Likewise Y axis. I recommend using this interface trackball. It is simple, only mechanical and optics, no additional chip. Fast response and low cost.

Bugs found:

    This model did not respond after the system was restarted. You must disconnect and reconnect. This bug does not affect any features. We have removed the product from our sale list.

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