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Product Name: PS3/PC Single Player Controller with LED

Type ID: XM-09

Release date: 04-15-2018

Retail link: Click here

Wholesale MOQ: 120

Shipping: DHL


  • USB 2.0 protocol, the response speed is faster than USB1.1;
  • MicroUSB jack for connecting any standard USB cable;
  • Compatible with win10/win8/win7/vista/XP/2000/98, PS3, Linux, MAC, Android, Raspberry Pi;
  • Support PS3 Home Button(PS button);
  • Supports Mode button for direction control switching between X/Y axes and Digital-pad;
  • Supports Turbo button for continuous push;
  • Lead-free process;
  • Passed CE certification;
  • No soldering required;
  • Kit contains all the wires with harnesses and USB cable;

    Button 1 to 13 each has a corresponding LED indicating their status. Mode and turbo button also have their own LED lights to indicate their working status.

    Button 1-13 LED effect can be configured to the following 4 states. The default state is that all the LEDs are disabled.

  • Always lighting on;
  • All LEDs are turned off status, the corresponding LEDs light up when the button is pressed.
  • All LEDs are turned on status, the corresponding LEDs light down when the button is pressed.
  • Disable all LED(default).

    Use the joystick's UP + Mode button to switch through the above modes.

    In any LED effects, the indicator of the Mode button is lighting on, indicating that the direction of the joystick is controlled in the Ditigal-pad state. Otherwise it controlled in X/Y axes.

    In any LED effects, the indicator of the Turbo button is lighting on, indicating that the continuous push function is enabled.

    When all the buttons have not been pressed for more than 6 minutes, all LEDs show a breathing effect.

    The LED effects and Mode configuration are stored internally. Next time plug in will read these configuration first, No need to reconfigure.

   The effects please visit:

    Please note: The LEDs use a common anode connection. The LED is a diode, so the pins have the difference between positive and negative electrodes. If the pins are reversed, it will not light.

    It supports Android very well. At least on my phone is plug and play and don't need root. The effects please visit:

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